About Us

The Story of Katie Bee's & Co! 

Katie Bee's is a dream I have had for many years, since being a teenager, however I was encouraged to get 'a proper' job, so off I went to York University and became a Nurse, I have been a Nurse for the past fifteen years but I finally decided it's time to kick my own butt and follow my dreams, I embarked on and completed a Diploma in Floral Design and now my dream has finally come true!


Katie Bee's started out in a Vintage Citroen Van Known as lizzie! She was a wonderful flower van! Katie Bee's has been growing and in October 2020 a shop unit became available on Ingleby Barwick. I was then joined by a new business partner Jo, I have worked with Jo for the past five years in Nursing and she is awesome! So Katie Bee's has now become Katie Bee's & Co! We have the most beautiful blooms, gifts, homeware, and takeaway coffee in our shop! 

Our style is very much natural, we prefer to work freestyle rather than set bouquets in boxes with little personality. It also means that we can use the most seasonal and freshest flowers available.