Choosing a Florist who matches your tastes and style is really important so here is what you can expect from us!

What you wont get from us............

Typical florist flowers and flowers which you can get in a supermarket such as carnations and chrysanthemum

Flowers in boxes and excessive cellophane wrapping (this is because we believe the flowers should showcase themselves without the need for excessive packaging which isn’t environmentally friendly and also we want your money to be spent on the flowers rather than packaging!

Excessive amounts of foliage, we love foliage and it has its place but we want you to get more beautiful flowers rather than lots of greenery

Set bouquet prices, all our flowers are made up individually and we don’t have set bouquet prices, you set the budget and we work to that

What you will get from us!..................

An individual bouquet, no two of our bouquets are the same we get different flowers every week and make them up

as we go along!

Vintage newspaper wrap that you can recycle or use again for something else!

Natural, quirky bunches that may look like they have been freshly picked from a field and yes that’s the type of style we love!

We get the freshest flowers delivered from Holland throughout the week and in the summer we also use local Uk growers

We have lots of vases so if you want your flowers in something we can pop them in a beautiful vase for you ready to go or bring your own along and we can fill them for you! We also have lots of jars that have been recycled from others and can be used to put your flowers in!

Have a good browse in our gallery and social media pages for the type of arrangements we do, we hope this helps you decide if we are the right Florists for you! 


Meet the Team! 


Team Katie Bee's & Co is made up of two Directors Katie & Jo!

We both love to chat and we look forward to meeting you!!